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  1. How much does *Spark cost?

    It's free!

  2. How is *Spark different from HipLogic Live?

    Where HipLogic let you see one widget on your Home screen, *Spark is a fully dynamic and interactive Phonetop that shows you multiple widgets at the same time.

  3. How do I use *Spark?

    View our How To Video on *Spark for a walkthrough.

  4. How do I set *Spark as the Home screen on my Android Phone?

    Go to your Application Grid and select "Spark Settings". Then go to "General" and select the "Run as Phonetop" button so it turns blue. Now when you select the Home Button on your device, you'll stay on your Spark Phonetop.

  5. After I've installed *Spark, how can I view my regular Home screen on my Symbian device?

    Just push the red or "Cancel Call" key on your Symbian device and *Spark will go into the background. It'll still receiving information, you just won't see it.

  6. Can I change the background or wallpaper on *Spark?

    Not yet. But it is a feature we are working on right now and will have available in a future release.

  7. How do I update the settings for how often new Facebook or Twitter posts are updated in *Spark?

    Go to your Application Grid and select "Spark Settings". Then go to "App Data and Updating". You will then be given the option of setting how often you receive updated information (Facebook, Twitter, Headlines and Weather.) PLEASE NOTE: Frequent updates means lots of data usage. Make sure you have a large or unlimited data plan from you carrier before changing this.

  8. What does "Limit data use while roaming" mean in the "App Data and Updating" in the "Settings" section?

    If you are travelling out of your area (usually out of your home country), your carrier will charge you more for data usage. In *Spark, the settings are preselected to limit your information updates when you are roaming—to about once an hour. You can change this setting, but be careful! If you do not have a data roaming plan your carrier will charge you when you are roaming than they do when you aren't roaming.

  9. Do I need a Facebook or Twitter Account to use Spark?

    No. But it certainly helps. Just go to or, create an account and then sign in with the same login and password in Spark. If you don't want to use Facebook or Twitter with *Spark, then just bypass the Facebook and Twitter set-up windows. You can then turn off the Facebook and Twitter modules inside of *Spark by clicking the options button, then clicking on Manage, and then unselecting the Facebook and/or Twitter modules. Once you close this menu, the unselected modules will not appear on your *Spark Phonetop.

  10. Should I worry if I see installation alerts while installing *Spark?

    No - don't worry. Android just likes to let you know it's installing an application. So does Symbian.

  11. I just installed *Spark, where did it go?

    Open up your Application Menu on your Android device, and *Spark should be the first application listed there. If you're on Symbian, *Spark will automatically launch as the Home screen once it's installed on your phone.

  12. Does *Spark work with Swype?

    No, Currently we are working on integrating non-device keyboards into *Spark.

  13. Can I respond to friends' postings in my Facebook or Twitter Streams or Retweet?

    No – not yet. *Spark Social Streams allow you to view your most recent Facebook and Twitter friend posts, but if you want to Retweet or respond, *Spark will take you to the native Facebook and Twitter applications that come with your phone. If you select a particular post, *Spark will either send you to the native application or, if there is a URL in the post, *Spark will launch the browser and take you to the posted URL that you clicked on.

  14. Are there any issues with installing *Spark if I have HipLogic Live installed on my phone?

    We have seen some issues where certain phones will not allow you to install *Spark if you have HipLogic Live installed. If you have HipLogic Live on your phone and are having trouble installing *Spark, we suggest that you try uninstalling HipLogic Live, and then installing *Spark.

  15. I installed *Spark over HipLogic Live but I don't see the *Spark icon?

    To see the icon after installing *Spark over HipLogic Live, you'll need to restart your phone. Once you restart your phone, you will be able to see and launch *Spark from the *Spark icon.

  16. What phones does *Spark work on?

    Spark is supported by all s60 Symbian devices and Symbian^3. Spark also run on Android 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 devices. There are some issues with the HTC Aria on AT&T, the HTC Tattoo and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 but we are currently addressing them.

  17. Why am I having trouble downloading *Spark from the Ovi Store?

    Users downloading third-party applications from the Ovi Store sometimes run into problems with login credentials on some devices. For more information, please see the Ovi support page.

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